US Airways Brings Lower Fares to Historic Charlottesville, Va.

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US Airways Brings Lower Fares to Historic Charlottesville, Va.

TEMPE, Ariz – US Airways (NYSE: LCC) sets off another round of its popular fare reductions by lowering fares in historic Charlottesville, Va. Customers will see walkup fares reduced by up to 65 percent, and advance purchase fares are down by as much as 34 percent to 37 markets.

This latest round of price cuts is part of a fare reduction program that the new US Airways commenced after its merger with America West. Destinations seeing significant reductions to/from Charlottesville, Va. include Cleveland and Philadelphia with walkup fares reduced 65 and 42 percent respectively. Leisure travelers to/from Charlottesville, Va. will see great fares as well: Fares to Orlando, Fla. are being lowered as much as 34 percent and Las Vegas sees an advance purchase reduction of 23 percent. For complete details, please refer to the chart below.

Fares are available immediately and can be booked at, by calling 800-428-4322 or through a travel agent.

„The fare reductions that we’re known for generates both a positive response from customers and a positive revenue impact for the airline,“ said Tom Trenga, vice president, revenue management for US Airways. „With its perfect mix of history, Southern hospitality and small city charm, US Airways can make visiting Charlottesville affordable for everyone, from the history buff, the college student or the business professional. We are pleased to offer the people of Charlottesville these reduced fares.“

[GADS_NEWS]With this wave of fare reductions, US Airways has dramatically lowered prices in more than 1,100 markets. Below is a list of the 37 markets that will see fare reductions to and from Charlottesville, Va. The sample walkup fare below is based on a one-way purchase. A round trip purchase may be required. The sample advance purchase fare is also based on a one-way purchase, and a roundtrip purchase is required.

    * Fares are shown as one-way.  Roundtrip purchase may be required.

                           New               New Sample
                         Sample               Advance
                         Walkup              Purchase
                          Fare*   Reduction    Fare*         Reduction

    Cleveland, Ohio       $234      65%    Same low fare   Same low fare
    Ft. Myers, Fla.       $253      62%    Same low fare   Same low fare
    Orlando, Fla.         $282      57%         $132            34%
    Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.  $262      54%    Same low fare   Same low fare
    St. Louis, Mo.        $328      52%    Same low fare   Same low fare
    Kansas City, Mo.      $344      50%         $144            26%
    Memphis, Tenn.        $322      50%    Same low fare   Same low fare
    Denver, Colo.         $407      43%         $232            16%
    Seattle, Wa.          $417      42%    Same low fare   Same low fare
    Salt Lake City, Utah  $417      42%    Same low fare   Same low fare
    Portland, Ore.        $417      42%    Same low fare   Same low fare
    Philadelphia, Pa.     $375      42%         $245            13%
    Minneapolis, Minn.    $369      42%         $144            26%
    Tallahassee, Fla.     $386      41%    Same low fare   Same low fare
    Las Vegas             $424      41%         $199            23%
    San Francisco,
     Calif.               $428      40%    Same low fare   Same low fare
    West Palm Beach,
     Fla.                 $245      40%         $120            36%
    San Diego, Calif.     $437      39%    Same low fare   Same low fare
    Tucson, Ariz.         $442      39%         $317            29%
    Jacksonville , Fla.   $309      38%         $134            23%
    Los Angeles           $443      38%    Same low fare   Same low fare
    Pensacola, Fla.       $412      37%    Same low fare   Same low fare
    Houston , Texas       $459      36%         $159            25%
    Newark, N.J.          $424      35%         $124            19%
    Orange County/
     Santa Ana, Calif.    $484      33%         $359            20%
    Colorado Springs,
     Colo.                $491      32%         $341            21%
    Albuquerque, N.M.     $492      32%         $267       Same low fare
    Boston, Mass.         $447      30%    Same low fare   Same low fare
    San Jose, Calif.      $524      27%         $324            28%
    Dallas/Ft. Worth,
     Texas                $507      26%    Same low fare   Same low fare
    Charleston, S.C.      $509      26%    Same low fare   Same low fare
    Nashville, Tenn.      $468      24%    Same low fare   Same low fare
    Tampa, Fla.           $314      23%         $136            26%
    Miami, Fla.           $290      21%         $165            16%
    Sacramento, Calif.    $604      16%         $323            28%
    Columbus, Ohio        $526      16%    Same low fare   Same low fare
    Savannah, Ga.         $369      14%         $144            36%

Part or all of the above service may be provided by US Airways Express carriers Air Midwest, Air Wisconsin, Chautauqua, Colgan, Mesa, Piedmont, PSA, Republic and Trans States. Part or all of the service may be operated by America West or United Airlines(R).

*Terms and Conditions: Sample fares based on one-way purchase, and may require roundtrip air travel. 21-day advance purchase and up to a one-night minimum stay are required. Tickets are nonrefundable and permissible changes incur a $100 change fee and any applicable fare difference. Sample price does not include federal excise taxes of $3.40 per segment, Passenger Facility Charges of $4.50 to $18.00 per passenger, and the September 11th Security Fee of $2.50 per segment. A segment is defined as a takeoff and a landing. Seats are limited and may not be available on all flights. Fares shown are valid for purchases made at Tickets purchased through US Airways telephone reservations are $10 higher. Tickets purchased at US Airways airports or city ticket offices are $20 higher.

US Airways is the fifth largest domestic airline employing nearly 35,000 aviation professionals worldwide. US Airways, US Airways Shuttle and US Airways Express operate approximately 3,800 flights per day and serve more than 230 communities in the U.S., Canada, Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America. The new US Airways — the product of a merger between America West and US Airways in September 2005 — is a member of the Star Alliance, which provides connections for our customers to 841 destinations in 157 countries worldwide. This press release and additional information on US Airways can be found at (LCCG).


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