Time is short: A million additional betterFly seats

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Time is short: A million additional betterFly seats

Time is short: A million additional betterFly seats

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Some 100 European destinations for 99 euros –Price campaign from 10 to 13 May 2007

Anyone itching to travel and thinking of a holiday flight or a short city trip can do just that on very favourable terms by opting spontaneously to fly with Lufthansa in the next four days. Time is short: Only briefly, from 10 to 13 May 2007, Lufthansa is offering a million extra seats in its betterFly discount fare scheme. Quick decision-makers can now buy an all-inclusive fare of only 99 euros to fly to more than 100 attractive destinations in Germany and Europe in July and August. As usual, betterFly fares include mile credits, taxes and charges as well as the Lufthansa ticket service charge of 10 euros for travellers booking online at www.lufthansa.com. If the travel urge is irresistible, any further delay in booking could be fateful, since the “betterFly Power Weekend“ winds up at midnight on Sunday, 13 May.

“Our ‘Power Weekend’ is designed to give even more Lufthansa customers an opportunity to travel to their desired destination in Europe with Lufthansa quality for only 99 euros and not a cent more,” observed Thierry Antinori, Executive Vice President Marketing & Sales Lufthansa Passage Airlines. “BetterFly is very well accepted by our customers and is now a firm fixture in our services portfolio.”

All one million seats can be selected and, simultaneously, booked in comfort online over the campaign weekend in Germany at www.lufthansa.com. But the Lufthansa Call Center “0180-LUFTHANSA“ (Tel. 0180 5 83 84 26), Lufthansa travel agency partners and Lufthansa sales counters at the airports will be “powering” the campaign along as well in the four days the fares are on offer. However, fares there will vary because of different ticket service charges at those outlets.
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