The SAS Group Traffic figures January 2007

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More passengers than previous years

� SAS Group carried 2,7 million passengers in January, up 7,7% vs 2006.
� Total load factor decreased 1,1 p.u. to 62,0% in January.
� SAS Group capacity increased by 4,6% in January and traffic increased 2,8% vs 2006.
� Comparable figures are lower due to last year’s irregularities in Scandinavian Airlines Denmark

Group market trends and yield development
SAS Group traffic increased by 2,8% in January and the number of passengers was up 7,7%. Capacity was up 4,6% and cabin factor down 1,1 p.u. to 62,0%. Comparable figures are lower due to last year’s three days of irregularities in Scandinavian Airlines Denmark, which on a Group level affected the traffic by app 1,5 p.u.

Load factors are generally slightly lower while yield is positive. Yield for Scandinavian Airlines in December was up 19%, positively affected by good capacity control, easier comparable figures and active yield management. In January 2007 yield is expected to be positive vs last year but the increase to be slightly lower than in December.
There are currently no indications of a slowdown of the business cycle or the air travel market. The total market growth is good and yield environment has improved due to positive demand. There are still uncertainties regarding the strength of future growth as well as the competitive situation and development of jet fuel prices. It is therefore necessary to continue focusing full energy on both efficiency and revenue enhancing measures.


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