Swissport Cargo Services is even more focusing on security

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The whole cargo industry is demanding tighter security measures as well as stronger focus on quality management systems.

Zurich – Since the market is developing in the direction of a safe-haven logistical co-ordination, Swissport cargo services has taken significant steps on upgrading its (already remarkable) security efforts across the entire network. All Swissport customers will immediately benefit from a special 4-point-plan.

Currently security has got a major focus in 2007 and is on the agenda of all cargo industry players. Within Swissport this issue has been already taken into consideration since a longer while but the global number-1 aviation service provider is willing to do even more for the convenience and confidence of its customer base.  They have introduced recently a network wide 4-point-action plan with the following initiatives:

1) All central hubs as well as the smaller stations will be re-proofed and security levels improved above industry standards. An upgrade is taking place to strengthen the security controls at centre to ensure that also locally everything necessary is done perfectly.

2) Swissport is already a member of TAPA (Technology Asset Protection Association) but will become an even more active player to support all endeavours of this group for the benefit of the industry.

[GADS_NEWS]3) The QMS Audits and Cargo2000 will be rolled out in a standard fashion throughout the whole network to not only ensure best practices but to also substantially increase productivity and quality efficiency.

4) As a certified member of Cargo2000, Swissport is implementing a thorough monitoring of performance in the network from a central point into local Cargo2000 co-ordinators to ensure adherence to real-time input and logistical control of shipments.

Heath White, Vice President and Head of Swissport Cargo Services Europe is confirming the importance of these proactive measures:

“In 2006, we upgraded our facilities in line with the additional requirements on the market – such as EC2320/2002, local CAA demands, etc. Yet now, we want to go further for security as the baseline to our product. Freight Forwarding Agents will choose their partners based on security considerations and quality aspects which is one of the reasons why we want to stay ahead of the market demands/developments with the aim to become a “model-case” for all existing and new suppliers”

The Swissport Cargo Services business line is in good commercial shape. Revenues in January and February are above budget and are showing a double-digit increase compared to the year 2006.

Swissport International Ltd., which is owned by Ferrovial, a leading European infrastructure and service corporation based in Spain, provides ground services for over 70 million passengers and 3.2 million tonnes of cargo a year on behalf of some 650 client companies. With its workforce of around 21 000 personnel, Swissport is active at 180 airports in 42 countries on five continents, and generated consolidated operating revenue of CHF 1712 million (EUR 1070 million or USD 1370 million) in 2006. /


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