Ralf Zacherl creates children’s menus for Lufthansa

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Ralf Zacherl creates children’s menus for Lufthansa

Ralf Zacherl creates children’s menus for Lufthansa

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New dishes sweeten the flight for young passengers

Martians and butterflies in the aircraft cabin? Unusual maybe but not for Lufthansa – TV chef Ralf Zacherl will be presenting these and similar imaginative culinary creations in the children’s inflight menu from May. The martians have a face made of mousse and strawberry purée. Chocolate buttons form the eyes, two liquorice sticks the aerials. The “sweet butterfly“ is a pancake with curd cheese filling and vanilla sauce. Alongside the sweets, the chef of TV fame has come up with appetising main dishes specially suited to young tastes and adventurously named, such as ”snake noodles in a tomato jungle” – but none other than spaghetti in tomato sauce with peas, maize and vegetables.

Six children tutored by Ralf Zacherl were chosen to help prepare and taste the new menus. And that cooking lesson was not all: Other children of diverse nationalities were given the chance to try out the new menus for Lufthansa and indicate their preferences. Alongside the aforementioned dishes, the young testers found the “Tiger tail”, a pancake filled with chicken and vegetables as well as fish fingers with savoy cabbage and potato purée known as “Pirate’s hand” particularly appetising. From May, the children-tested menus will be offered free to young passengers under twelve on all Lufthansa long-haul flights.

Sugar is either not or only sparingly used in the children’s menus, more often they are made with honey. Additionally, only high-grade fats, like olive oil and then only in reduced measure are utilised as well. To ensure the food does not contain too many carbohydrates and, simultaneously, are healthy, vegetables such as savoy cabbage or beans are “hidden” in many of the creations.

Children’s menus are just part of Lufthansa’s “Lu’s World“ children’s concept. “Lu“, the small soft and cuddly crane with large beak signals tasty food as well as games and fun for young passengers throughout their stay in the Lufthansa cabin. Toys, reading and painting books as well as games and puzzles are readily available. On long-haul routes, cartoons for kids are regular fixtures in the inflight feature-film programme. Small guests in Business and First Class are additionally presented with a toilet bag.
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