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Qantas Chief Financial Officer Peter Gregg announced that Ms
Jamila Gordon had been appointed the Qantas Group’s new Chief Information Officer, effective 17 September 2007.

SYDNEY – Mr Gregg said Ms Gordon had the broad ranging experience in the global IT industry and expertise in managing complex outsourced arrangements necessary to lead the next stage of Qantas’ IT transformation.

“Ms Gordon has extensive experience in senior executive roles with IBM and has spent the past six years in Europe, where she managed some of the world´s largest strategic outsourcing initiatives in France and the Netherlands.

“Most recently, she was responsible for the IT transformation strategy and end-to-end IT service delivery across 11 countries for a major European bank,” Mr Gregg said.
Prior to joining IBM Ms Gordon worked for GIO and Deloitte Consulting in Australia.
Born in Mogadishu, Somalia, Ms Gordon emigrated to Australia in 1989. She holds an Associate Diploma in Accounting from Bendigo TAFE and a Bachelor of Business Degree in Information Technology from La Trobe University.

Mr Gregg said that Ms Gordon would work alongside current Chief Information Officer John Willett until the end of October 2007 when he would retire from Qantas.


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