Planning the Perfect Family Vacation

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ASTA travel agents provide tips, suggestions for stress-free family fun

Alexandria, VA- Planning a family vacation that will make everyone happy is a daunting task, especially when all the travel planning falls on you. But it is obtainable, as long as you know what your family enjoys and what travel options you have at your disposal. Before planning your family’s next vacation, check out this advice from ASTA. ASTA members know that planning the perfect vacation is easier with time and good advice on your side.

“As a father of two young sons, I know how difficult it can be to create a vacation that appeals to everyone, but that’s where your ASTA travel agent comes in,” said Chris Russo, ASTA president and Chair. “Working with a professional travel agent can save you time and money. Travel agents work within your schedule, budget and expectations to produce an incomparable vacation experience. Not to mention, they take on the stress of planning your vacation, and really, who needs more stress in their lives?”

ASTA travel agents suggest the following tips when planning your next family adventure:

·         Planning Makes Perfect. At the heart of every good, stress-free vacation experience is the perfect plan. If you want one your entire family will love, then get them involved. The more input you get from each family member, the better. Your children may surprise you with some of things they suggest to do on vacation. If the destination or activity is already set, have your kids research online or at the library for exciting things to do while you’re all there.

·         Setting Your Sights. Deciding where to go and how much to spend are top priorities. Consider your budget, timeframe and expectations. Are beaches calling your name? How about something in the park variety, be it an amusement, theme, water or National one? Is international travel in your future? Family friendly cruise or resort? With all those in mind, check with your ASTA travel agent, who can recommend family-friendly options that will fit everyone’s bill.

·         Find a Family Specialist. Many travel agents specialize in family travel. They can tell you which cruise line offer the best teen experience, which resort has the most options for pre-schoolers and what cities have the most family-oriented entertainment and activities. Leave the planning to them, while you take care of the packing.

·         Family Employment. Once the family plan is in place, keep your kids involved by putting them in charge of at least one aspect of the trip. If they’re good with maps, make them the navigator. Do they have an eye for photos? Make them the official vacation photographer, in charge of not only taking photos during the trip, but also of compiling the album once you return. They will enjoy the responsibility of the project and the trust you give them to accomplish it.


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