Don’t be Afraid of Vacation Rentals, Comfort is on the Way

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Everyone who goes on vacation wants to be in the zone … the comfort zone. You know those warm fuzzies you get when everything goes EXACLTY as planned – beautiful accommodations, sensational dining, exhilarating sites to see, and great interaction with the locals.

Glen Rich – In many cases, when you stay at a vacation rental, it’s a leap of faith. Sure, the idea of a luxury loft overlooking the Arc de Triomphe or a happening downtown pad in London sounds terrific. But you’ve also heard the nightmares:

  • The woman who showed up at the adorable cottage on the water … that didn’t exist!
  • The website said the place was a luxurious 5-star property, but that platinum property ended being a 2-star disappointment when you checked in.
  • The property is nice, but it’s in the middle of nowhere – no night life, dining or interesting places to see within a 10 mile radius. If you wanted to be on a secluded island, you wouldn’t have booked a trip to Manhattan.

Let bring you into the comfort zone, where you can trust, see and be protected with as your platform for finding and booking vacation rentals.
Here’s how we do it:

Social Media Authentication – See the host on Facebook. Get to know them BEFORE you check in. And yes, they know all the local destinations, and are happy to stock the fridge with your favorite beverage.
A 360 degree view – Reviews of the property, as well as reviews of the hosts AND guests give you an honest 360-degree view of the offering with the best chance to find a good match for your vibe and budget. Photos complement full descriptions and the only triple review process in the industry to ensure the highest level of confidence.
You have the secure payment code – Your funds for the rental are securely held until you release a secret code to, which serves as a payment clearinghouse and protecting agent. So if you’re not happy, you know your money is safe.
Ditch Mr. Coffee – Instead of that cheapo in-room coffee machine (does anyone use those?), how about a host that provides your favorite espresso bean blend and leaves you a note with instructions on how to use their espresso machine?
You make the call – Indulge in what YOU want. Imagine how much better your vacation would be with your own outdoor deck and barbecue grill, rather than an overpriced room service menu. If you dream it, live it. provides the possibilities.
No timeshare sales pitch – With iStopOver, your vacation will never be interrupted by a fast-talking timeshare peddler who won’t take no for an answer. With, you know you’re getting a genuine local experience.
iStopOver is a new web site with choices of accommodations in all price ranges that are alternatives to hotels. “iSopOver truly lets you live like a local by providing the opportunity to pick the type of accommodation that suits your budget and personal tastes by allowing you to interact with like minded people. And you have the added security of knowing you won’t get scammed,” CEO Anthony Lipschitz said.
Take off your shoes, relax, and roam around, you’re not confined to four walls and you’re not restricted by the fears of the past. You’re now in your COMFORT ZONE.


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