Czech Airlines Launches a New Version of Its Internet Presentation

25 Mai 2010 [10:57h]     Bookmark and Share


Information about flights with just one click, Internet bookmarks for easy bookings, or the possibility of becoming a member of the frequent flyer programme while making a booking.

Prague –  These and other improvements, including a significant change in graphics, accompany today’s launch of Czech Airlines’ innovated Internet presentation. The new website also underwent significant adaptation as a part of the so-called SEO optimisation for browsers, which should improve the placement of a link to them in search results on the Internet. Czech Airlines has also reduced the price of its ticket issuance service fee by CZK 100 on the Czech market. 

In addition to the change in the graphics themselves, the most visible changes were made on the introductory page, namely in the structure and arrangement of the information, and the ergonomics of searching for flights. Preference has been given to simplicity and clarity, and more space has been dedicated to the promotion of new products and special offers. For example, a search for requested connections, including price, is now possible with a single click once the requested destination, date of flight, and number of persons has been filled in.  Another innovation is that all of the booking information will stay on the introductory page in the form of tabs. Customers do not have to go back to them in an extended process if they want to make a change in a previous step. 

The changes Czech Airlines has made are based on surveys and from the monitoring of customer conduct using various analytical tools, for example the so-called heat maps. This confirmed that certain controls of the original website had started to be less suitable for customers.  Czech Airlines has thus tried to improve them, to make them more user-friendly and flexible,“ explains Peter Baláž, Manager of Electronic Marketing at Czech Airlines, adding: “For clients, maximum speed is important in finding information, ideally right on the introductory page.“  And the new Czech Airlines website is adapting to precisely that.  

Another innovation is the option of registering for the Czech Airlines OK Plus frequent flyer programme while making a ticket booking, which will make it possible for the customer to draw on the programme’s advantages with the first flight.  The new website has also undergone significant adaptations as a part of SEO optimisation for browsers, which should improve the placement of the link in search results. 

Service Fee Reduction

With the launch of the new form of its website, Czech Airlines is reducing the so-called ticket issuance service fee by CZK 100. With the existing as well as planned on-line products that will work on the basis of a shopping basket, Czech Airlines clients will get a simple booking and payment tool.  Payment for tickets on the Czech Airlines website is possible via a credit card or any debit card on which Internet transactions are permitted, or by an on-line transfer from account to account, if the customer has an account with Raiffeisenbank, an eKonto, or PaySec.


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