Continental Airlines Installs New Audio/Video Systems on International Routes

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Also Increases the Number of In-Seat Power Ports on Boeing 757s

HOUSTON – Continental Airlines (NYSE: CAL) announced that it has completed the installation of Audio/Video on Demand (AVOD) in the BusinessFirst cabins of its entire fleet of 41 Boeing 757 aircraft used primarily on transatlantic flights to/from its New York hub at Newark Liberty International Airport. AVOD systems will be installed in the economy cabins of these aircraft beginning summer 2007.

More movies and audio programming

The new AVOD allows customers to choose from up to 25 movies, 25 short- subject programs and 50 compact discs. Once the system is activated by the crew, customers may watch the programming whenever they choose, controlling the programs with easy-to-use touch-screens to stop, pause, rewind and fast forward. The new entertainment system also has 20 video games and an interactive Berlitz World Traveler program that teaches foreign language.

[GADS_NEWS]AVOD on Boeing 777 fleet

Continental also plans to install AVOD in both the BusinessFirst and economy cabins of its Boeing 777 fleet. The first 777 with the new system is scheduled to enter service in March 2007. The entertainment systems on these aircraft allow customers to choose from more than 250 movies, 300 short- subject programs and 150 compact discs with a jukebox feature to make individual playlists. In addition, this new entertainment system has 25 video games and the interactive Berlitz World Traveler foreign language program.

„We continue to invest in our product when it makes good business sense,“ said Mark Bergsrud, senior vice president marketing programs and distribution. „Our customers value inflight entertainment and want to be able to choose what they want to watch whenever they want.“

More in-seat power

With airline passengers carrying on more portable electronic devices like laptop computers, personal DVD players and digital music players, the airline is also increasing the number of in-seat AC power ports on the Boeing 757. Power ports are available in each of the 16 BusinessFirst seats on these aircraft and at economy class seats located forward of the overwing emergency exit. Each set of three seats has two receptacles providing electricity.

„As small laptop computers become cheaper and more portable, increasing numbers of our customers are bringing them on trips,“ said Bergsrud. „Providing a convenient electric supply lets travelers work or entertain themselves without worrying about their battery dying during the flight.“

Power ports accept standard plugs

These are the first Continental aircraft to be equipped with power ports that accept the standard electric plugs from most countries around the world. No special adapter is necessary. AC power ports will be installed throughout the entire economy cabin when AVOD is added to the main cabins of these 757 aircraft beginning summer 2007.

Continental’s Boeing 777 and 767 fleets already have the EmPower 15V DC system which uses special adapter cables for the in-seat power.

The airline is currently making plans to deploy in-seat power in more types of aircraft in order to support the anticipated increase in the use of on-board electronics.

Continental Airlines is the world’s fifth largest airline. Continental, together with Continental Express and Continental Connection, has more than 3,200 daily departures throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia, serving 151 domestic and 136 international destinations. More than 400 additional points are served via SkyTeam alliance airlines. With more than 44,000 employees, Continental has hubs serving New York, Houston, Cleveland and Guam, and together with Continental Express, carries approximately 61 million passengers per year. Continental consistently earns awards and critical acclaim for both its operation and its corporate culture. For more company information, visit


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