Cathay Pacific improves connection times with Air China to boost the Hong Kong hub

14 Jan 2007 [08:48h]     Bookmark and Share


Cathay Pacific Airways announced that it has worked with Air China to reduce the „Minimum Connecting Time“ (MCT) between the two carriers at Hong Kong International Airport.

The move will make more connections available to passengers travelling through Hong Kong as well as reducing waiting times. The MCT revision will also help to further enhance Hong Kong’s standing as an international aviation hub and gateway to and from the Chinese Mainland.

The change in MCT between Cathay Pacific and Air China now means that all connections between the two carriers have been reduced to 60 minutes. Previously, the MCT for Air China passengers connecting through Hong Kong ranged from 70 to 90 minutes.

As a result of the MCT change, passengers are now able to book an additional 134 connecting flights each week through the Hong Kong hub. At the same time, new origins and destinations have been opened up. So, for example, passengers can now book a journey between Guiyang in China and Colombo in Sri Lanka, while travellers from Chengdu are able to book a journey to Singapore flying through Hong Kong.

[GADS_NEWS]The initiative follows the implementation of a reduced „Minimum Connecting Time“ between Cathay Pacific and Dragonair from late October last year. Dragonair became a wholly owned subsidiary in September 2006 after a landmark shareholding realignment that also saw Air China become a strategic partner.

Cathay Pacific Director Corporate Development Augustus Tang said: „We are very pleased to be able to improve connections with our Mainland partner to bring benefits for passengers and boost Hong Kong’s reputation as an international aviation hub. We will continue to work together with Dragonair and Air China to bring more benefits for travellers and the hub in general.“


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