Boeing Begins Delivery of New AH-64DHA Apache Longbows for Greece

16 Jan 2007 [14:13h]     Bookmark and Share


The Boeing Company [NYSE: BA] has begun the delivery process for 12 new AH-64DHA Apache Longbow helicopters being produced for the Hellenic Army in Greece.

The aircraft are part of a combined Foreign Military Sales agreement with the U.S. Army and direct commercial agreement with Boeing. All of Greece’s next-generation Apaches will be delivered this year.

In addition to its new Apache Longbows, the Hellenic Army operates a fleet of AH-64A Apaches, which have been in service in Greece for the past decade.

Boeing is producing the new AH-64DHAs for Greece at its Mesa, Ariz., rotorcraft facility.

„Boeing and the Apache team have an enjoyed an outstanding relationship with the Hellenic Army for nearly two decades,“ said Al Winn, Boeing vice president of Apache Programs. „The Apache Longbow is an important asset for the Hellenic Army and a product that will have Boeing’s full support through the life of these aircraft.“

The AH-64D Apache Longbow features numerous enhanced capabilities, including longer-range weapons accuracy and all-weather/night operations, integrated sensors, networking and digital communications for situational awareness, and real-time combat management.

[GADS_NEWS]Since the Apache’s inception, Boeing and the U.S. Army have used incremental technology insertions at regular intervals to ensure that the world’s most capable multi-role combat helicopter meets the needs of current and future defense forces.

Eleven nations, including the United States, operate or have selected Apache helicopters for their defense needs. More than 1,600 Apaches have been delivered.


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