Lufthansa launches A380 route-proving programme

19 Mrz 2007 [01:35h]     Bookmark and Share


On Saturday 17 March, Lufthansa will begin its commercial route-proving exercise for the new Airbus A380 in cooperation with Airbus.

The twelve-day programme will include several “premieres”. The first line pilots worldwide who are fully qualified to fly the A380 – Lufthansa flight captains Jürgen Raps, Raimund Müller, Ulrich Hohl and Thomas Göller – will navigate the wide-bodied jet together with Airbus test pilots on its first long-haul flights with passengers. Lufthansa will also conduct its first-ever service tests on the A380 under normal operating conditions: 500 passengers, 23 Lufthansa flight attendants and the cockpit crew will be aboard the aircraft during the route-proving flights.

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