Continental Airlines Applauds U.S. – E.U. Open Skies Agreement

15 Mrz 2007 [22:31h]     Bookmark and Share


Continental Airlines (NYSE: CAL) said today that it fully supports the recently announced open skies agreement between the U.S. and the E.U.

HOUSTON — The airline has always favored open skies treaties, as long as they create a level, competitive playing field. The carrier is confident that the current U.S. – E.U. agreement establishes a fair opportunity for it to compete in all the important markets in the E.U. If the open skies agreement is approved, Continental will apply for blanket open skies authority to serve all the E.U. countries.

Continental, FORTUNE magazine’s 2007 Most Admired Global airline, says that the open skies agreement will be good for consumers. „We think this agreement will foster trade, be beneficial to consumers and allow Continental to better serve its customers,“ said Continental Airlines CEO Larry Kellner.

Continental serves 28 trans-Atlantic destinations, most of which are in the European Union.


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